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Autism and non-verbal

Hi Susie,

I’m S., “D”s grandma. Last weekend my husband and I took “D” out to dinner. He asked her where she wanted to go, listing several restaurants. She sing-songed back “Steak and Shake.” So, guess where we went as fast as we could get there. We asked what she wanted to eat, same method, list form, and she said “chicken.” So she had chicken strips, french fries and much of my chocolate malt. She also stole the cherries from us both. Progress is still slow, but we have to remember from whence she came. Hard for any child and especially hard for autistic children are unknowns and changes. She is signing regularly for potty. Getting her to sleep all night is still sometimes a problem, but is getting better all the time. We are getting more good reports than bad from the school.
Hope all is well with you.

S. (grandmother)

note: names have been changed for privacy protection

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