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Undiagnosed 10 year old

Hi Susie and Barb:

Greeting from the traveling P’s. We have 6 more days of the light box. We haven’t missed any, but “C” did fall asleep in one.

Our family is so changed. The reduction in her frustration level is palpable. We are halfway thru the handwriting without tears book, and it is coming along beautifully. She did J this morning, and she was giddy at how well she can do them.

We investigated the option of repeating 4th grade. Her teacher said absolutely not. “C” would be bored. She understands the concepts, just her writing mechanics is slow, but progressing. So we have a very excited girl, ready to start 5th grade, with her own locker. Orientation is Friday and class starts 9/6. “I can do stuff now Mom!”

The quirkiness continues, the literalness, the obsession with Barbie play, the social skill absence, but we are thrilled with the reduction in anger towards brother and the peace she seems to feel now.

I talked with her doctor at her 10yr old check up, and gave her a pile of your flyers. I think what you are doing is amazing. Hope to see you again someday in Cleveland.

Nov. 29, 05 A quick update. “C” went snowboarding down a baby hill and had perfect balance, again and again, and was so happy that she was “as good as brother”. That would never have happened if not for your program.

God bless you all, Sincerely, M. (mother)

note: names have been changed for privacy protection

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