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Diagnosed with a seizure disorder and Angelman Syndrome showing improvement


My son “P” went through sensory therapy at your office in January 2005. “P” is 14 years old and has been diagnosed with a seizure disorder and Angelman Syndrome. Prior to sensory therapy, “P” had challenges with becoming overstimulated in loud, busy environments, was very distractible and impulsive. My husband and I have been very pleased with the changes we have seen in “P” since going through the program. As you are well aware, we went through a regression stage that lasted about a month while we were going through the home light therapy. “P” began yelling, throwing tantrums and seemed, overall, very uncomfortable. It was definitely a challenging time and we appreciate your reassurance that he would come through it. Over the last 7 months, we have seen improvements in the following areas:

  1. “P” is noticeably more relaxed and at ease. He recently went for his yearly medical check up and his pediatrician was impressed with the changes in Paul in this area. He was much more cooperative and calm.
  2. “P” is following directions better (when he wants to!).
  3. He is less distractible.
  4. We have seen a decrease in over-stimulation from noises and loud, busy environments. This is the area that has made the biggest difference in our lives. Before the therapy, “P” would become overstimulated by beeping noises, small children playing or acting goofy, busy places, or even just someone’s voice if it had a different sound than what he is used to. He would respond with uncontrollable laughing and we usually had to remove him from the situation to settle him down. After going through the therapy, “P” is able to tolerate all of these things much better. We are now able to go into restaurants and other public places without having to wonder if we were going to have to leave. He is able to just watch small children without reacting to them and is able to tolerate noises, such as loud speakers, beeping, sirens etc…without reacting to them. We still may have some of these things if “P” becomes overtired or isn’t feeling well (I act the same way when I’m tired and don’t feel well!), but the changes from the therapy have made a great difference in our lives.

Take care.


note: names have been changed for privacy protection

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