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Son Who Struggles with Fine Motor Skills

Our son would become so frustrated when he had to do any activity that involved using his fine motor skills. Everything was a struggle writing which was hardly ledgable, doing  puzzles or even tying his shoes…….he would be in tears by the end.  We had also noticed that our athletic child was unable to do jumping jacks during warm ups for football practice he just seemed so uncoordinated.  A few weeks after starting 3rd grade I expressed my concerns to his teacher who suggested that he have an OT evaluation to see what was really going on.

Our son loves going to “play” (as he calls it) with Susie and within a few weeks was tying his own shoes!  He has worked very hard on his writng skills and has improved so much in such a short time.  The other great thing is the confidence that he exudes now as a student and an athlete and the pride he has for the things he is now able to do! We are so thankful to Susie for her knowledge and expertise and her amazing ability to “play”.

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