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An Update on ST’s Improvements

1. Last year in Kindergarten he tested at the 3rd. grade reading level. He is in the First Grade this year and at first they had some trouble keeping him in his seat. He seems to love school and even sometimes wants to go there on the weekends.

2. He can read anything he sees whether a new word or something he has never seen before.

3. He can spell any word given to him. He normally verbally spells the words immediately but can write the answer for example when tested in school. He got 100% on a recent written spelling test in school.

4. Can do many Math. problems in his head or can also use a calculator. He correctly solved 100 math problems in school while the next nearest student only did 25.

5. He received 4 ‘A’s on his first and 4 ‘A’s on his second report cards this year.

6. He talks in complete sentences and communicates much better but still needs some improvements. He loves to play where is ______ with me and his grandmother “J” when he is at our house. He talks more than our son “J” and his mother “L” put together. He looks the person in the eye when talking now while in the past he didn’t make eye contact.

7. He loves to play with computers but we have to be careful because he has torn up several in the past.

8. He still likes to push buttons, remote controls, cell phones, thermostats, telephones, TV, DVD VCR etc. but doesn’t seem to play with our TV like he used to when at our house. He has called 911 and the police came to their house twice. As long as he is kept busy learning things that require thinking, he seems to be fine.

9. Sometimes when he and “J” are here, for some unknown reason he will suddenly start crying as wants to go see his mother.

10. He has memorized our complete address and telephone number as well as his own. If asked he will also spell it.

We were very pleased to see the progress once he had taken your treatments and see him continue to progress at an astounding rate of progression and learning.

He will be 7 years old on March 5, 2008 and has a ways to go with certain behavioral issues but we are thankful for the help you and Terri provided for him at your facility.

I recently told “J”, he should bring “ST” back to visit with you and Terri when you have the time. I’m sure you will recognize the great improvements since he was last in Lebanon.

God bless,


note: names have been changed for privacy protection

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