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4 year old with possible PDD and global developmental delay

Doing really good….. we are on day 13 of her 18 day home therapy!! We will be finish next Wed, yay. She started preschool on Oct 31st….and is doing well, she rides the bus there and back. She continues to ask to go to the potty, which never happened before. And she is expressing herself better with her language. She has started initiating communication with people at church. In just this short time, I have also noticed some changes in her play…..she used to mainly take things out and put them up….she is now “playing” with things such as her brothers’ magnetix toys and her potato head (more imaginative play). I will be speaking with one of her preschool teachers this weekend to see now that she is more comfortable, how she is interacting with others at preschool.
Thanks so very much!!

Nov. 22, 05 Update: She is doing well….Her preschool teacher says she is communicating a lot and getting comfortable with the schedule. She is continuing to play more imaginative at home and we are working on potty training. She is initiating conversations with new people. I am very encouraged and thankful.

S. (Mother)

note: names have been changed for privacy protection

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